Bloody fingers

Yesterday I discovered needle felting. It's however more for the finishing touches to my wetfelted object then for dryfelting in its pure form.

I find it difficult to needlefelt a ball. I think it's easier and it goes faster with water and soap. But attaching loose already wetfelted pieces to wetfelted surface works! Also making the thick "stiches" thinner and smoother is easier. I'm only wondering how I can get rid of the small wholes that the needle leaves behind...


56 members and growing

More then a year ago I started the Felting ArtCrafts group on Yahoo! and I'm pleased to see that the amount of members is constantly growing. We are already with 56 people. There are members from Australia, through Europe till Alaska.

At the very begining it was very quiet, nothing was happening and now everbody has a question and many give the answers. Nice to see (I started it :) )... We exchange some felting ideas, hints on techniques, tricks, inform each other about the books, courses and workshops in the neighbourhood. The Felting ArtCrafts starts living its own little life.


Got old newspapers??

In a serie of "odd creations", however not mine, I came across this link. It's a yarn made out of old recycled newspapers. The designer, Greetje van Tiem, from the Eindhoven Academy of Design, used the thread already to make different interior objects: a carpet, a sitting, some curtains... really nice things. But first of all the idea itself is fantastic!


No time for bullshit. With sitting and thinking around I won't come any further. One handfelted computer bag still needs to be rinsed with water, dried and after that equiped with a leather belt. And another piece, a delicate and elegant chmisiere/bodywarmer is hanging on a mannequin waiting for the shoot.