Etsy Showcase 28 october - Holidays Cards

I suppose the publicity for christmas decoration must start now, especially when handmade goods ask take a lot of time to be produced. Here is my Holiday Decoration Showcase on Etsy.
I designed these Star cards a year ago but it's a timeless idea and so lovely to send, to recive and to hang on your christmas tree or anywhere els in your house...


LaPomme blogged...

LaPomme blogged...
LaPomme blogged...,
originally uploaded by woolitbe".
The day was is not finished yet and I'm lucky again. LaPomme writes about me too.

Etsy Treasury Amanda YuDesign

Etsy Treasury Amanda YuDesign
Etsy Treasury Amanda YuDesign,
originally uploaded by woolitbe".
Happily for me Amanda found the Pink Dress I felted very appealing and presents it in her treasury on etsy. That generates a lot of intrest in that dress. So, if you're interested, you have to be fast.



I could happily set my mind free of all these thoughts. My actions concentrated on some new designs, handfelted soft toys (absolutely not like: Shaun the Sheep, although He's adorable), felted cushions and some new dresses with felt elements, but very
delicate. Can't wait to see it finished. The first dress is almost ready.
Now, some looser's wishfull thinking: I am planning to go to shops next week and show my stuff, but I'm still gathering THE most enthousiastic energy to show off. Must keep thinking " 'no' you have, 'yes' you can get ". Good luck to me!


Bloody fingers

Yesterday I discovered needle felting. It's however more for the finishing touches to my wetfelted object then for dryfelting in its pure form.

I find it difficult to needlefelt a ball. I think it's easier and it goes faster with water and soap. But attaching loose already wetfelted pieces to wetfelted surface works! Also making the thick "stiches" thinner and smoother is easier. I'm only wondering how I can get rid of the small wholes that the needle leaves behind...


56 members and growing

More then a year ago I started the Felting ArtCrafts group on Yahoo! and I'm pleased to see that the amount of members is constantly growing. We are already with 56 people. There are members from Australia, through Europe till Alaska.

At the very begining it was very quiet, nothing was happening and now everbody has a question and many give the answers. Nice to see (I started it :) )... We exchange some felting ideas, hints on techniques, tricks, inform each other about the books, courses and workshops in the neighbourhood. The Felting ArtCrafts starts living its own little life.


Got old newspapers??

In a serie of "odd creations", however not mine, I came across this link. It's a yarn made out of old recycled newspapers. The designer, Greetje van Tiem, from the Eindhoven Academy of Design, used the thread already to make different interior objects: a carpet, a sitting, some curtains... really nice things. But first of all the idea itself is fantastic!


No time for bullshit. With sitting and thinking around I won't come any further. One handfelted computer bag still needs to be rinsed with water, dried and after that equiped with a leather belt. And another piece, a delicate and elegant chmisiere/bodywarmer is hanging on a mannequin waiting for the shoot.


shouldn't be doing what I'm doing do it best

can't work. can't stop
thinking I'm drowning
in my own past


Keep it tight

This RGB Blue handfelted cord is 410cm long. It looks great on a long neck as a choker, loose necklace, but also as a arm-bracelet around your wrist. Felting the cord so long went pretty fast, not longer then an hour all together. It suprised me a bit. At the end I just added a silver clasp with an adjustable chain. The necklace is soft and pleasant, after a while you forget you're wearing it. It looks amazingly intriguing. Soon available in my Etsy shop.
Ps.: A custom made order is possible, for the colours see www.woolitbe.be



Handmade felt creation from few years ago in a new setting, new picture, new atmosphere... It's handfelted in one piece, only the white balls are made separately. The folds were not ironed - the white parts were left to dry like this (folded and squeezed). Soon available in my Etsy shop.


Me in a Treasury !!

Thanks to GloriousHats I was in a Treasury. Hura!!! That's my first time and it makes my day. Threasury is the front page collection of someone's favourite items on Etsy. It stays there for a while and then it's up to someone else.... Mine, I mean "my treasury" is already gone, luckily I took some screenshots.


Still proud of

Part of "Lech, Czech i Rus" collection for KASK which still makes me proud of my work. The dresses will be soon available in my shop on Etsy, as well as the rest of the collection. I wrote about this project somewhere, but that blog doesn't exist anymore.

(It was based on a legend about three brothers and the basic idea of designing nothing but skirts/dresses.)


Lovely little things

Handmade felt babyshoes in japanese style (that's what they call this design). They are cute and very small (11cm) but there's slighlty more work to it then you think. The patterns for these shoes are easily available on the net, you can even buy it on Etsy for few dollars. I'm not Scottish but I wanted to figure it out myself. And it worked! Thera are many ways to make babyshoes, there are many patterns available and it all depends on what materials you work with and what effect you wish to acheive...


NEWS!! New Identity :: odd

I've just opened a new etsy shop :: odd.creations, with an adjusted name and housestyle. I think I want to create as odd (my initials that at the same time describe more or less my work).

From now on everything that has to do with my work, creations, felting or sawing, designs and other projects will be signed up by odd. And the sale of wool will still belong to Wool it be the Finest Creation - Wool it be".


New handfelted hat:: Fox

This hat has an unexpected shape. "Unexpected" because I didn't plan it like this, but it came out from under my hands at the end of the shaping process. And I like it. It gives any head a very elegant nice looks. At the back there is a decorational scarf. It fits a regular head size very well and closes well under the ears so that it is a very warm and wind/waterproof hat.


Still moving from Wool it be" blog

So, I'll be still busy for a while with moving from Wool it be" blog, which will mainly concern the wool (my brand Wool it be the Finest Creation) and felting techniques, to this place , just for odd designs. Just like this one:

ps. not everything around here will be green ;)