Forest Green Hat

One of my first felted hats. The very simple shape gets this something extra by adding the beige (natural wool) stroke as the finishing edge. Classic Dark Green. This hat is Sold out.


Who/what is odd?

"odd" is everything and if it's not, I'll make it odd. I am odd. I always felt different then others no matter how stereotype or depressing it sounds: different - like everyone else... Probably. "odd" are my initials which makes it a valuable shortcut for the brand I want to create.

Wool is my new passion. Handmade and handfelted interior objects, handfelted hats and accessories, felted concept art... Wet felting is back in fashion, or maybe it has never even been out, but I want to make modern felt (scarves with multicolour motives, flower brooches and necklaces with small felted balls don't ineterst me, although I make them sometimes), objects, gadgets, gifts... I felt it.